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Cover story
Winter Bumblebees


  • Judging the Quality of a Queen Bee
  • Helping the Blind 'Look' into a Beehive
  • What's on the web
  • The Dark European Honey Bee
  • A Beekeeping Project in the Gambia
  • A New Varroa Monitoring System (VMS)
  • IBRA News
  • IV Mesoamerican Congress on Native Bees, Guatemala
  • Seasonal gifts from the IBRA Book shop.

Buzz Extra

  ISSN: 1757-5400

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BUZZ EXTRA is a quarterly publication providing news and views on the subject of bees and beekeeping.

From 2009, the number of pages has increased to 12, giving you even more value for money.

Why is it so popular?

  • It's light and informal style
  • Varied and fascinating content
  • The latest news on issues that effect you e.g. Colony Colapse Disorder
  • Book reviews and special offers only available to BUZZ EXTRA readers!




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