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Bee World 88 4 2011 

Bee World

Vol. 88 Issue 4

Available to IBRA Members to download

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The Thinking Beekeepers Journal of Choice. 

The final issue for 2011 is available to IBRA members. Within the pages of this issue, articles include:  

  • Beekeeping in an agricultural landscape - Denmark - Asger Sogaard Jorgensen
  • Apimondia 2011 - Norman Carreck 
  • Giant honeybees use wax specks to recognize old nest sites - Ratna Thapa and Siriwat Wongsiri
  • Bumblebees - What we should know about them - Khalil Hamdan
  • Winter nest observations in a nucleus hive - Barrie S Bloom
  • The success story of a very special beekeeper - D P Abrol and Uma Shankar
  • A curious postage stamp - Ferdie du Preez
  • IBRA Council - Who's who - David Smith
  • Plus the regular features:
     - The Appliance of Science - What future for stingless bees?
     - A View from Across the Pond - Whither science? Basic or applied?
     - Plants for Bees
     - Museum Musings
     - IBRA News
Bee World 88 (4) available for members to download: Vol.88 (4)
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