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There are many interesting information resources on bees and beekeeping on the internet - and a selection of them is provided below.

One of the best ways to find reliable information about a topic is to read a book on the subject. Why not search for a topic that interests you in our online shop?

The list of links is divided into subjects for ease of use.

These links were last updated 5 August 2011

Apitherapy and Bee Products

Beekeeping Groups and Organizations

Information Resources and Reference Sites




  • Bee Proof Suits. Online retailer of beekeeper's clothing. All orders delivered free.
  • Dave Cushman General beekeeping interest 
  • Gardeners Centre Wide selection of garden and gardening supplies and products at low prices with a fast home delivery service

Research Sites and Universities


  • Wildlife Gardener. Create a haven for wildlife, including bees, in your garden.
  • C J Wildlife.  Offering products to encourage birds and other wildlife to your garden
  • Nest Boxes and Feeders. Providing wildlife enthusiasts with information and products
  • Gardeners Centre Shop online for a wide selection of gardening supplies and products at low internet prices