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Bee World is now part of your IBRA Membership package. By joining you can enjoy the benefits of belonging to our not-for-profit organisation, as well as supporting the world's premier beekeeping information network. 
As a member, you will be the first to know of IBRA developments and to benefit from a saving on any mail-order or online purchases of IBRA products, from the bookshop. 
Above all, you will have the knowledge that you are a vital part of a truly international organization collecting and disseminating information that will benefit not only those directly concerned with bees, but the environment and the world at large.

£36.00 Institutional and Personal Membership (See below for what's included)

As a member you will receive:
Bee World (4 issues - March, June, September and December, hard copy and online)Bee on flower
Online access to back issues of Bee World and Buzz Extra*****
Online access to volumes of Journal of Apicultural Research over 2 years old*
Discounted 10% off all IBRA publications**
Discounted rates at IBRA conferences
Receive promotions from the IBRA Bookshop
Access to member’s area of the IBRA web site
Attendance and voting rights at IBRA’s AGM

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Journal of Apicultural Research is not included in the membership, but available via a subscription only. 

PLEASE NOTE: The last hardcopy issue of Journal of Apicultural Research was in October 2009. This publication is now an E-Journal.  

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From 2008, all issues of Journal of Apicultural Research include Spanish abstracts.

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* The number of back issues of our journals, available online, continues to grow and is being added to on a regular basis. Our ultimate aim is to have full sets, but in the meantime we will do our best to accommodate any reasonable request for papers or articles.

** Due to the ever increasing cost of stocking non-IBRA publications, from the 1st October 2009, members discount of 10% will only be given on the expanding range of IBRA books and products.

**** Buzz Extra ceased publication in December 2009.