Apicultural Abstracts

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Publication of Apicultural Abstracts

was suspended at the end of 2005


However, for over fifty years Apicultural Abstracts (AA) aimed to give a complete survey of research and technical developments concerning all bees and bee-related subjects throughout the world.

Books and articles were reviewed by specialists and abstracts of the most worthwhile publications were included. All abstracts had a full reference to enable you to locate the original, and the majority had a summary of the text.

It was published quarterly, with a fifth issue containing the annual indexes. The information is still highly relevant and the abstracts for the period 2000 - 2004 are available as a free download here.   For themed collections of AA on CD, for example AA on CD Apitherapy, click here.



For even more information about Abstracts on CD Click Here.



  • All aspects of honey bees (Apis species)
  • Other species of Apoidea, especially their social behaviour, foraging and pollination activities
    Developments in beekeeping equipment and techniques
  • Bee forage
  • Hive products and their processing
  • Pollination, especially the use of social and solitary bees for crop pollination