Editorial Services

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If you need professional assistance in preparing your article for publication, IBRA can help.

Articles that are well written are processed more easily - and therefore more quickly - than articles requiring extensive editing. Referees are more likely to be positive in their comments if the English language is clear and concise.

We offer this service at a competitive cost in order to encourage authors whose first language is not English to get their work more widely known and published in an international journal. Fees are £15 per hour*. The toal cost will vary according to the standard of English language in the article and degree of complexity; an estimate will be given on submission of the article.

Please note that in accepting fees to revise a manuscript, IBRA makes no commitment, real or implied, to publish the paper. IBRA's Editorial Service is completely separate from the scientific review process of the Journal of Apicultural Research, incorporating Bee World.

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*Value-Added Tax (VAT) at 17.5% is chargeable on this service for residents of the UK and other European Union countries), unless they are a business registered for VAT (please supply your VAT number on submission). VAT is not chargeable outside this area.