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Gift ideas from IBRA for Christmas

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Plants for Bees
A guide to the plants that benefit the
bees of the British isles

W D J Kirk & F N Howes

Plants for Bees

NEW! This years best seller


The World History
of Beekeeping and
Honey Hunting

by Eva Crane

The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting

The most comprehensive tome of
beekeeing history.


Charity Christmas Cards

christmas cards

Six cards per pack of two designs.


Pollen Gift Pack

Kirk, Hodges

Pollen Gift Packs

Three of our most popular pollen products
at a great price! Save £4 on the rrp.


Form and Function in the Honeybee

Lesley Goodman

Form and Function


Understanding Bee Anatlomy
A full colour guide

Ian Stell

Understand bee Anatomy




Beekeeping for Beginners


Beekeeping for beginners  Beekeeping for beginners

The Honeybee


The honeybee DVD




The Honey bee Castle

A Ozkirim

The honeybee castle

A children's favourite - now reduced!


Plan bee from outer space
Olly Oliver

Po-Tolo children's book

Great new book for young children.