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IBRA Council

Prof. Octaaf Van Laere

Andrew Poulter 
Wales, UK

Deputy Chairman
B Dewi Rowlands BSc
Wales, UK

His Honour Judge David Smith QC
England, UK


Council Members

Dr Adriana Alippi
UNLP, Argentina

Dr Rose Cooper
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, UK

Dr Keith S. Delaplane
University of Georgia, USA

Dr Don Griffiths
England, UK

Dr Fani Hatjina
Hellenic Institute of Apiculture, Greece

Mr Malcolm High
England, UK

Prof. Tecwyn Jones
BioNet, UK

Dr William D J Kirk, FRES
Keele University, UK

Hans Kjaersgaard
Berkshire, UK

Dr Stephen Martin
Sheffield University, UK

Dr M Matsuka
Tamagawa University, Japan

Dr Robert J Paxton
The Queen's University, Belfast, UK

Dr Nigel Raine
Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Dr H Shimanuki
Florida, USA

Karl Showler
Hay-on-Wye, UK

Ing. V Vesely
Research Institute for Apiculture, 
Czech Republic


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