Honey bee colony losses continue in the USA

publication date: Feb 25, 2011
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Honey bee colony losses continue in the USA

IBRA has now published the 2009-10 winter survey of USA honey bee losses which shows the fourth consecutive year of high mortality in a study by Dennis vanEngelsdorp and colleagues.

This study compares colony losses and the reasons why beekeepers believe their bees died for "backyard beekeepers (those keeping under 50 colonies) "sideline beekeepers (those keeping between 50 and 500 colonies, and commercial beekeepers who maintain in excess of 500 colonies. 

Over the winter of 2009-10 US beekeepers responding to the survey lost an average of 42.2% of their colonies. Perhaps counter intuitively, backyard and sideline beekeepers reported higher losses than commercial beekeepers, although the commercial beekeepers were more likely to report losses due to Colony Collapse Disorder ("CCD") where the colony has died yet the hive contains no dead bees.

All beekeepers said that the parasitic mite Varroa was a major problem.  Commercial beekeepers said the mite was the second important factor for causing bee losses.  Overall, manageable conditions such as starvation and colonies being weak before overwintering were attributed as the leading causes of bee losses.  In contrast, commercial beekeepers ranked the reasons for their losses as poor queens, mites, pesticides and CCD. More effort into understanding the underlying causes of these losses is needed. 

In order to aid understanding, IBRA's major international Conference "Varroa - still a problem in the 21st Century?" will be held on 29 January 2011 at the University of Worcester. 


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