The pollination of Lupins

publication date: Mar 16, 2011
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Bee World Vol.68 (1) 1987 pp. 10-16
Article Title

The pollination of Lupins


Ingrid H Williams 


Four species of lupin (Lupinus sp.) are of economic importance in agriculture, namely L. albus (white lupin), L. angustifolius (blue lupin), L. luteus (yellow lupin) and L. mutabilis (Andean lupin). The first three species have been cultivated as grain legumes continuously for 3000 years or more in the Mediterranean basin, while the Andean lupin has been grown in the highlands of South America since the time of the Inca civilization. More recently, the cultivation of blue and yellow lupins has spread to Northern Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, south-eastern USA and South Africa. Lupin seeds are used for human consumption and stock feed, and the herbage for fodder and green manure. 

KeywordsLupins, Lupinus sp., White Lupin, Blue Lupin, Yellow Lupin, Andean Lupin, grain legumes,  
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