Plants for Bees

publication date: May 29, 2012
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W D J Kirk & F N Howes

Plants For Bees

A comprehensive guide to the
plants that benefit the bees
of the British Isles 


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Plants for Bees

"A wonderful and hugely important book."
Kate Humble, BBC TV.

Plants for Bees
is a beautiful and immensely practical book that aims to improve our understanding of the different types of bees we have in the UK, the threats to them and how we can plant bee-friendly gardens to help them survive and thrive. Written by a team of experts with the foreword by Kate Humble (TV presenter).

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Plants for BeesPlants for Bees

This book is being published by the International Bee Research Association (IBRA) and has been compiled by a team of experts led by Dr William Kirk, Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Entomology at Keele University and Vice-Chairman of IBRA. We believe that this publication will make an extremely valuable contribution to current information and will help people to support bees in their gardens, thereby slowing and hopefully eventually stopping the decline of bees.

Plants for Bees

This hard back book (25 x 19cm) of over 300 pages contains five chapters, each written by an expert.

Foreword - Kate Humble

Why bees need help - Norman Carreck provides an overview of the current precarious position of bees.

Plants for Honeybees - David Aston and Sally Bucknall introduce the species and identify beneficial plants.

Plants for Bumblebees - Jane Stout introduces the range of species and identifies when nectar and pollen are available.

Plants for Solitary Bees - Chris O'Toole introduces this species, explaining their annual cycle and which plants are of particular benefit to them.

The Best Plants for Bees - William Kirk and the late Frank Howes identify over 300 species of plants that are important to the survival of bees. This is supported by a quick reference guide and index.
"Our native bee population is under threat. This book offers a clear and practical guide to how anyone can create a bee-friendly garden. A wonderful and hugely important book."
Kate Humble, BBC TV.

'Packed full of beautifully colourful images and written by experts, this book provides a wealth of knowledge for gardeners and beekeepers and all those wishing to do their bit to help all species of bees'. Norman Sellers, Wildlife World.

'All beekeepers should consider having this book. Our bees often suffer because of a lack of variety in their diets and the chapters, written by many distinguished authors, are an informative guide to plants useful to all bees. It builds on the work by Frank Howes many years ago but has now been brought right up-to-date and is beautifully illustrated. I recommend this book to all those who are interested in helping bees whose vital work in pollination is a key element in our environment.' Dr Ivor Davis NDB, Past President of BBKA.

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Plants for Bees

IBRA is grateful to the Eva Crane Trust for supporting this project.