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publication date: Sep 17, 2010
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Advertising your business in BEE WORLDBee World

Bee World was first published in 1919. For any organisation to be successful it must evolve and develop, and over the past six decades IBRA has witnessed many changes. However, the organisation has never lost sight of its ultimate goal: - to provide bee scientists and beekeepers with quality unbiased information on all topics that relate to all species of bees.

About Bee World

Bee World was first published in 1919. It is deliberately international in its appeal and this is reflected in its content as we publish original articles from all around the globe. We have found that our reader's interests are not just confined to bee biology and management but extends to a love of the history of beekeeping, crafts involving bee products, beekeeping technology and environmental issues that effect all species of bees.          

Distributed four times a year in March, June, September and December, Bee World is published in hard copy, but is also available on-line. We are also providing our members with a vast back catalogue of issues as we continue to add more volumes to our web site.

Bee World was temporarily suspended at the end of 2005 due to changes in the staffing structure at IBRA. We received many letters and emails of disappointment. So it was due to popular demand that Bee World is back!

Re-launched in January 2010, Richard Jones is the dedicated and enthusiastic editor of this award winning journal.

Bee World Vol.87 (2)

Who reads Bee World?
Bee World has become the publication for IBRA members and is also read by their friends, colleagues and families. It is also distributed to beekeeping associations and some academic institutions. From market research that was carried out in 2007 IBRA was able to ascertain that the readers were both scientists and beekeepers. As well as having a common interest in bees these groups are also interested in ecology, botany and the environment.

 Where is Bee World distributed?
As the title of our organisation states we are ‘International' with a third of our members
being in the U.K., a third in Europe and a third in the Rest of the World, with a large proportion of the latter category originating from the U.S.A and Canada.


Why should you advertise in Bee World?

  • A popular and highly reputable publication
  • Targeting an international market
  • A growing intellectual readership
  • The most competitive advertising rates on offer!

    When and how to send your advert

    Adverts must be received at IBRA on the following dates:

                    31st January / 30th April / 31st July /  31st October

    Adverts must be supplied in the following formats:   
    MS Publisher (.pub) / Adobe PDF / TIFF / JPEG

    They can be received by Email attachment to

  • Competitive Advertising Rates

    Bee World Advertising rates
    *per insert.

  • Payment
    Full payment for a single advert or a discounted package must be paid in advance of publication. 
    Invoice supplied on request.
    Payment methods: Sterling cheque  / US Dollar cheque / Bank Transfer / Credit card.
    Full details of each payment method are provided on the order form.

    Contact Details
    All correspondence should be sent to Sarah Jones.

    Unit 6 Centre Court
    Main Avenue, Treforest
    R.C.T.  CF37 5YR

  • TEL: 029 2037 2409

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