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publication date: Oct 9, 2008
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About the Journal

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E-ISSN: 2078-6913

The ISI Journal Impact Factor (2012) is 1.926 and the ISI 5-year Impact Factor is 1.447.

All papers submitted to the journal undergo review by the editors and independent peer referees, and papers are accepted for publication only if they are of the required standard and have not been published elsewhere. Copyright of published papers is normally held by the International Bee Research Association.


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IBRA is pleased to announce that abstracts of papers published in the hard copy of the  Journal of Apicultural Research are now being provided in Spanish as well as English. Our aim is to make good bee science available to more people around the world.

IBRA tiene el placer de anunciar que los resúmenes de los artículos publicados en el Journal of Apicultural Research aparecerán a partir de ahora en Español y en Inglés, con la intención de hacer llegar a más gente todo lo mejor de la ciencia apícola actual.

Tables of contents from current and recent issues.

Sample copy of the journal as a pdf file.

Spanish abstracts


Some history

The Journal of Apicultural Research has been IBRA's journal for reporting experimental science for over 40 years. The journal's very first volume carried Woyke's classic paper on diploid drones, and every volume since has contained important contributions to scientific literature.

Because of the high quality of the journal's papers, it has come to be respected as a prestigious outlet for reporting scientific studies of the biology, ecology, natural history and culture of all types of bees. Indeed, many scientists have come to respect the journal as the flagship of apicultural journals.


Submit your work. 

IBRA's journal has no page charges and gives authors a free high resolution pdf file of their paper, which they can post on their personal website.

Please study and follow the Guidelines for Authors before submitting a paper.

IBRA can help if you need professional assistance in preparing your article for publication.


Production of the journal

An editorial team based in the USA, Europe and Argentina handles the scientific assessment of papers, including their initial review, the allocation of referees, and the subsequent assessment of reviews and authors' revisions. We endeavour to complete refereeing within a matter of weeks.

The journal sets a high standard and authors may be asked to have their text reviewed and edited by someone whose primary language is English. If you need professional assistance in preparing your article for publication, IBRA can help.



Please email Original Research Articles, Notes and Comments or Reviews to one of the following:-

Ms Diane Griffiths, Editorial Assistant,
Journal of Apicultural Research
International Bee Research Association, 
16, North Road, 
CF10 3DY, UK. 

Mr Norman L Carreck, Senior Editor,
Journal of Apicultural Research, 
Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects,
Department of Biological and Environmental Science, 
University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 9QG, UK. 

Dr Silke Stach, Assistant Editor,
Journal of Apicultural Research,
Fischerweg 5, 2503 Biel, Switzerland.

Dr Adriana M Alippi, Associate Editor,
Journal of Apicultural Research, 
Centro de Investigaciones de Fitopatología, 
Unidad de Bacteriología, 
Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias y Forestales, 
Universidad Nacional de la Plata, 
C.C. 31 Calles 60 y 119 
1900. La Plata, Argentina. 

Dr Jay D Evans, Associate Editor,
Journal of Apicultural Research, 
USDA-ARS Bee Research Lab,
Beltsville, Maryland 20705, USA.

Dr Fani Hatjina, Associate Editor,
Journal of Apicultural Research, 
Hellenic Institute of Apiculture, 
63 200 N. Moudania, 

Prof. Dr Irfan Kandemir, Associate Editor,
Journal of Apicultural Research,
Department of Biology,
Faculty of Science,
Ankara University,
Be┼čevler 06100, Ankara, Turkey.