World Bee Health Report

publication date: Aug 18, 2010
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Bee World Vol.74 (4) 1993 pp.176-212
Article Title

World Bee Health


Andrew Matheson


Purpose of review - This review is intended to serve as an accessible and reliable reference to the honey bee health status of almost every country in the world. From this readers can infer something about the world distribution of the parasites, pests and diseases surveyed, which is useful both when attempting to obtain supplies of healthy honey bees and when studying beekeeping in different areas. This review may also be useful for readers wanting to know more about bee health in their own countries, especially when published references are not readily available. Apart from highlighting the obvious (but often ignored) dangers of injudicious international movement of bees, I hope that this review will stimulate discussion on the concepts of bee health status and reliability of reporting, as well as encouraging further reporting of pest and disease records to IBRA.

KeywordsWorld bee health, world distribution of parasites, pests and diseases, beekeeping,
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