Tracheal mite infestation of queen honey bees

publication date: Nov 30, 2010
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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 31 (2) pp. 110-111
June 1992
Article Title

Tracheal mite infestation of queen honey bees


Michael Burgett; Chutikarn Kitprasert


The ability of a queen honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) to serve as a host for the honey bee tracheal mite Acarapis woodi (Rennie) was recognized not long after the discovery of this mite parasite (Rennie, 1921). Reports by Morgenthaler (1930, 1933) and Anderson (1933) discussed several aspects of queen infestation.


Acarapis woodi, tracheal mite, queen honey bees, Apis mellifera, USA

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