The core of IBRA's knowledge

publication date: Jul 8, 2011
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Bee World Vol.66 (1) 1985 pp. 3-4
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The core of IBRA's knowledge


D. G. Lowe


I succeeded Dr Eva Crane as Editor of Apicultural Abstracts a year ago, and have been invited to write about the journal in this Guest Editorial. When I first started work at IBRA in 1973 I found that many other abstracting units described themselves as being "attached to host libraries"-a phrase which suggested to me, a biologist, that they were parasitic in nature. I soon discovered that the relationship between Apicultural Abstracts and the rest of IBRA was more akin to a symbiosis -a term generally restricted to special associations.

KeywordsApicultural Abstracts, IBRA History
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