The Beeworld Project

publication date: Apr 4, 2013
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The Beeworld Project

At IBRA we have been supporting bee research since 1949. As publishers of the Journal of Apicultural Research we continue to disseminate the work of the world’s leading scientists.

Our Mission Statement is that “IBRA promotes the value of bees by

providing information on bee science and beekeeping worldwide.”

 IBRA promotes the value of Honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees. Our current international programmes aim to:-

  • Inspire and educate the next generation of scientists and beekeepers through schools.
  • Support conservation of declining species in the UK and Europe.                                     
  • Support beekeeping education in the developing World.                                        
  • Help research scientists in developing countries get their voices heard.                          

IBRA is proud of its international status and this is reflected by its members who join from all over the world. The membership package now offers more value than ever before: quarterly issues of Bee World, a discount on IBRA publications and online access to a growing back catalogue of journals online.

Our current members and subscribers know that the information that IBRA provides can always be trusted. We feel safe in the knowledge that the support and donations that our members give us go towards helping the future of bees.

Bees, as the world’s most prolific plant pollinators, play a central role in the evolution, diversity, survival and success of the world’s flora upon which so many organisms rely. The world’s bees together constitute one major factor in assuring the future of the Earth’s vegetation and as such have a critical part to play in humankind’s endeavours to achieve sustainable development.

In these circumstances the continuing loss of wild bee species (as is now evident) together with declining domesticated bees are reasons for grave concern. The loss of bees is attributable to a number of factors – changes to their environment, disturbance of destruction of habitats and eco systems by human activities.

The Bee World Project aims to promote the value of bees in the community and throughout schools. The work of the Bee World team promotes responsibility for the conservation of nature but especially targeting the younger generation whose future depends on successful programmes to achieve sustainable development.

The Bee World Project supports the publication of international bee research material, the re-introduction of lost species to the UK, international bee education programmes, bee conservation and the medicinal value of honey.

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