Solar pollen substitute feeder

publication date: Jun 30, 2011
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Bee World Vol.67 (2) 1986 pp. 45-49
Article Title

Solar pollen substitute feeder


Tibor I. Szabo And Diane T. Heikel


Many different substances and methods have been used to provide colonies with pollen substitutes and supplements, but the most effective means has not been determined. Johansson & Johansson in Bee World (1977) provided a review of the history and some of the methods which have been used in the past. Hayes (1984) states that pollen substitutes may be used to stimulate and maintain higher rates of brood rearing, especially in spring, to produce more foragers for the nectar flow. Herbert & Shimanuki (1979) add that such feeding is also beneficial in overcoming pesticide damage, strengthening colonies for package production, providing a sufficient number of foragers to maintain the population during pollen and nectar flows, and assisting colonies in overcoming diseases associated with nutritional deficiencies.

Keywords Solar feeder, pollen substitute feeder
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