Pollens of honeys from North-Western Spain

publication date: Dec 10, 2010
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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 30 (2) pp. 69-73
June 1991
Article Title

Pollens of honeys from North-Western Spain


M V Jato; A Sala-Llinares; M I Iglesias; M Suarez-Cervera


A palynological analysis of 94 samples of honey from the province of Orense (north-west Spain) was conducted. The predominant taxa found were Castanea sativa, Rubus spp., Lotus corniculatus and Ericaceae. The honeys studied had a medium or high pollen content (Maurizio groups III and IV) and a high pollen richness (number of taxa). The combination Castanea-Rubus-Lotus-Adenocarpus -Campanula was the most frequent, appearing in 94% of the honeys analysed. The presence of Anarrhinum duriminium has not been reported for honeys from other Iberian provinces but was found in 76% of the samples from Orense.


honey, pollen analysis, melissopalynology, honey bee forage, Castanea, Rubus, Lotus, Ericaceae, Anarrhinum

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