Editorial: Past and present articles

publication date: Aug 24, 2010
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Bee World Vol.73 (3) 1992 pp.117-118
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Editorial: Past and present articles




I was once asked how I felt Bee World contributed to our knowledge of bees and bee science - what a question! An example of an individual research study from 1950, when Bee World published a mixture of original research papers (now published in Journal of Apicultural Research), general articles, reports on new publications (now reported in Apicultural Abstracts) and news, is Anna Maurizio's classic work on feeding pollen to bees. Her account of her researches in Switzerland showed that the life span of worker honey bees is increased by their consumption of pollen, which contains protein, and decreased by their secretion of protein-rich bee milk for feeding to brood. This important discovery led to a greater understanding of a number of aspects of bee management. 

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