Orchids pollinated by Euglossine bees

publication date: Nov 30, 2011
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Bee World Vol.65 (2) 1984 pp. 68-73
Article Title

Orchids pollinated by Euglossine bees


Gene E. Robinson


The relationship between a flowering plant species and its pollinators may be regarded as one of energetics. The plant offers an energy reward in the form of nectar-and in some cases pollen-to attract foraging animals. Both food quality and quantity are crucial: the reward must be sufficiently nutritious and plentiful to induce visitation by flower-constant species, yet sufficiently limited to minimize the plant's energy  expenditure and, more importantly, to force foragers to visit other flowers of the same species, and so to effect cross-pollina tion.

KeywordsEuglossine bees, flowers, nutrition
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