JAAS Volume 3, Issue 2, 2011

publication date: Mar 30, 2010
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Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2011


Original Research Articles    
A palynological Analysis of Brazilian Propolis Samples Alex da Silva de Freitas, Ortrud Monika Barth, Érika de Oliveira Sales, Adriana Hitomi Matsuda and Ligia Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian367
Malaysian Bee Venom Abrogates Carrageenan  Induced Inflammation in Rats  Mohd Nuruddin Abd Manap, Onn Haji Hashim and Kamaruddin Mohd Yusoff375

Free Amino Acids, Oxalate and Sulphate for Honey Characterization

Brunella Carratù, Marco Ciarrocchi, Maurizio Mosca and Elisabetta Sanzini381

Antioxidant properties of volatile oil of Indian propolis

Dattatraya G Naik and Harshada S Vaidya 3289
Physicochemical Properties, Antioxidant Activity and Stability of Spray-dried Propolis   

Felipe C. da Silva, Carmen S. Favaro-Trindade, Severino M. de Alencar, Marcelo Thomazini  and Julio C C. Balieiro

Sugar analysis of "Menalou vanilia" fir honey Iosif Manikis, Sofia Vartani, Maria Dimou and Andreas Thrasyvoulou






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