Indoor wintering of hives

publication date: Nov 25, 2011
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Bee World Vol.65 (1) 1984 pp. 19-37
Article Title

Indoor wintering of hives


D. M. McCutcheon


Beekeepers in temperate climates where winters are cold have always been interested in methods of successfully overwintering their colonies. But in many areas of the Canadian Prairie Provinces and the North Central United States, beekeepers found it uneconomical to overwinter, and thus resorted to the use of spring package bees when these became available. More recently the overwintering of hives in these areas has become considerably more popular. This is due to a number of factors: economic conditions have :changed; new technology has made possible the overwintering of bees outside more successful; the alternative of wintering bees inside is also a possibility which is successful with present-day technology. Beekeepers operating in areas with cold winters have traditionally provided some type of winter protection for their hives, whether it be wrapping, packing, or placing hives indoors. In this review, the overwintering of bees indoors will be discussed and assessed.

Keywordsbeekeeping, wintering
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