Important honeydew sources and their honeys

publication date: Jul 13, 2011
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Bee World Vol.66 (3) 1985 pp. 105-112
Article Title

Important honeydew sources and their honeys


Eva Crane and Penelope Walker 


Honeydew flows - Honeydew flows are the main source of honey in some parts of the world, but they are comparatively localized and many beekeepers have no experience of them. Most honeydew flows are from trees in temperate-zone forests. They are especially important in parts of Europe, and are also used by beekeepers in New Zealand and North America. The famous Black Forest honey in Germany is from honeydew. In the eastern Mediterranean the flow from pines can give high honey yields, and in Greece 60% of the honey produced is from these trees. On the south-west coast of Turkey. 500 000 hives are moved to work the honeydew flow from Aleppo pine.

Keywords Honeydew flows, Honeydew sources, honeydew honeys, honey, beekeeping
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