Honeybee Venom - Seale-Hayne '88

publication date: Jan 28, 2011
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Bee World Vol.70 (2) 1989 pp. 53-54
Article Title

Honeybee Venom - Seale-Hayne '88


R C Hider


The following brief note by Professor Bob Hider, head of the Pharmacy Department at Kings College London, elaborates on the lecture given at the Devon Beekeepers' Association/IBRA meeting at Seale-Hayne Agricultural College last year. The majority of the lecture was published in Bee World 68(2): 51-70 in 1987. However, in addition a comparison between Africanized and European honeybees, and a note on colony defence by the Japanese honeybee was included.

Keywords Honeybee Venom, Africanized Honeybee, European honeybee
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