Honey bee Castle

publication date: Nov 7, 2011
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New children's book from IBRA for Christmas 2011


 We have always loved the tales that we were told as children and as adults we look for at least a small piece of that magic in our own lives. In this book, the author has brought together the reality of life in the hive with the magic that the bees create as they go about their daily business.

 A beautifully illustrated book with colourful bee characters in their hive called ‘The honey bee castle'. The book is divided into nine chapters or stories and we learn how the bees live their daily lives, share pollen with the flowers and protect their castle and honey from the bears.

 There is also a moral tale that runs through the book and we appreciate the need to work together, share and understand the world around us. 

 A series of tales that just ask be read in those special moments shared by a young child and a loving adult. Happy, imaginative tales that use a pinch of poetic licence to convey so much about honey bees themselves and their place in ecology. Look, listen, learn but above all enjoy a book to be treasured. 

Price: £8.99 + P&P    

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Author Honey bee castle 

Meet the author

I'm a Bee Scientist at Hacettepe University in Turkey. I'm working on Honey Bee Diseases and have published several papers, including articles in IBRA's Journal of Apicultural Research.

I'm also an Executive Committee member of the COLOSS group and an active person in all of APIMONDIA's organisations. Besides, I'm very interested in introducing honey bees, their life and their products to children, especially those aged between 3-11 years old. You never know perhaps one day they will grow-up to be clever scientist studying honeybees, or beekeepers or business people who will invest in the beekeeping sector, OR at least a knowledgeable consumer regularly fed by honey throughout their lives. 
Therefore my aim of writting The Honey Bee Castle was to introduce young children to the magic lives of bees. The story has already been published in Turkey and I'm grateful to IBRA for helping to translate and publish this book in English.

I would like to acknowledge the translators, Kurtulus Çoğun Ceylan and Richard Jones for ensuring English speaking children will appreciate the tales, and the illustrator, Mehmet Öğüş for his wonderful drawings that bring the stories alive.