Historical Editorial: IBRA's new home

publication date: Jul 5, 2011
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Bee World Vol.67 (3) 1986 pp. 85-86
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Historical Editorial: IBRA's new home


Dr Margaret Adey


In early October the International Bee Research Association is moving to 16/18 North Road, Cardiff. These two adjoining houses (see photograph below) are being made available for our use, rent free, by University College Cardiff. They are highly suitable for our needs: the usable floor space is the same as Hill House, but the houses are more modern so the financial burden of upkeep will be far less. The relocation is critical because it gives us the opportunity to invest capital from the sale of Hill House to secure a sustained income that will provide vital funds for our core work, but at the same time it maintains IBRA's independence. Unanimous agreement for the move has come from IBRA's international Council, and Members had the opportunity to air their views at the 'AGM this June.

KeywordsIBRA History, Bee World History
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