Guest Editorial: Asian honey bees

publication date: Aug 20, 2010
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Bee World Vol.73 (1) 1992 pp.3-4
Article Title

Guest Editorial: Asian honey bees


Eva Crane


Asian honey bees are attracting considerable scientific interest nowadays. In the past, very much less research was done on them than on European Apis mellifera, and publications about Asian species represent only a few percent of those on the European bee. The Bibliography of tropical apiculture' cited about 1050 publications on them in 1978. But a new Bibliography on Asian honey bees, 1979-1991 together with a 1990 bibliography on their pollination', list about 580 additional publications, so there are now over half as many again as 13 years ago'. The International Conference on Asian Honey Bees and Bee Mites, held at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand in February 1992, brought the account up to date.

KeywordsAsian Honey bees, Bibliography of tropical apiculture, Bibliography on Asian honey bees
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