Eye-colour mutants of the honeybee

publication date: Mar 23, 2011
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Bee World Vol.68 (3) 1987 pp. 124-128
Article Title

Eye-colour mutants of the honeybee


Jost H Dustmann


The various colours of honeybee eyes as shown in Fig. 1 are neither an April fool's trick nor of artificial origin. Occasionally beekeepers find such curiosities in their colonies not knowing that these are genetic mutants and, as such, are useful tools for science and worth preserving. Due to the keen observation of beekeepers throughout the world several mutants have been found and, thanks to the immense efforts of the US bee geneticist Dr Harry Laidlaw, these mutants have been maintained in stocks and are genetically well described.

Keywords bee mutants, beekeeping, genetic mutants, bee genetics
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