Dr Mervyn Eddie

publication date: Nov 9, 2011
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Mervyn Eddie Ph. D., B.Agr. (both degrees from Queen's University Belfast - QUB -  in 1969 & 1966).

Retired in 2000 from Senior Management in various Operating Companies within the Unilever Group.

Pig nutrition research scientist in Department of Agriculture Northern Ireland 1970 - '74.

Pig nutritionist with Unilever (BOCMSilcock, Europe's largest animal feed company) 1974 - '78.

Area Managing Director, BOCMSilcock 1978 - ‘85, initially Dyfed and later East Anglia.

Chairman, Marine Harvest (world's largest salmon farming operation - Scotland & Chile) 1985 - ‘88.

Chairman, Pamol Plantations, Malaysia (26000 Ha oil palm plantation, plus prawn farms) 1988 - ‘92.

Vice President, DiverseyLever, Netherlands (world's 2nd largest industrial hygiene & detergents business) 1992 - ‘98.

Cabinet Office, Whitehall (led UK national infrastructure audit of millennium-bug readiness) 1998 - 2000. For this role, was seconded by Unilever plc as part of their contribution to national readiness.

Chairman of Dromore BKA 2003 - 2006. Chairman of Ulster BKA 2006 - 2009. President of Ulster BKA 2009 - 2011. Currently Chairman of The Council of National Beekeeping Associations (BBKA, SBKA, WBKA, UBKA, FIBKA and BFA) actively involved on behalf of all beekeepers in UK and Ireland in EU beekeeping legislation/regulation issues.

Began small-scale beekeeping as a boy and after his international career, restarted in 2001. Now, tries to combine his biological research training, small-scale beekeeping and experience in management to help improve the future of bees and beekeeping.