Bees, pollination and habitat change in the European Community

publication date: Aug 31, 2010
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Bee World Vol.72 (3) 1991 pp.99-116
Article Title

Bees, pollination and habitat change in the European Community 


Juliet L Osborne, Ingrid H Williams And Sarah A Corbet


Some authors anticipate an imminent shortage of pollinators in Europe, The numbers of bees may not be adequate to meet the demand for pollination in crops and semi-natural vegetation in the European Community. This shortage is due to an increase in the area of insect-pollinated crops, and a decrease in the numbers of wild and domesticated bees because of changes in habitat, land use, and the economics and practice of beekeeping. In response to that concern, the Scientific and Technical Options Assessment of the European Parliament commissioned a review on bees and the pollination of crops and wild flowers in the European Community. We have produced three articles based on that review. The first dealt with assessment of the role of honey bees and other bees as pollinators. This, the second, concerns changes in habitats and land use and their predicted effects on bee pollination. The third will consider the nature and impact of changes in the numbers and distribution of honey bees.

KeywordsBees, pollination, habitat change, European Community
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