Beekeeping with Apis cerana in Sri Lanka

publication date: Mar 8, 2011
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Bee World Vol.69 (3) 1988 pp. 125-130
Article Title

Beekeeping with Apis cerana in Sri Lanka


Willard S Robinson


Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, is an island 65 610 km2 in area, situated across the Palk Strait only 30 km South-Easl ot India. It lies between 6 and 10 degrees North latitude. The climate varies with the monsoons and elevation; there are no well-defined seasons. Sri Lanka receives plentiful rainfall. Even the so-called Dry Zone, comprising well over 50% of the land area and occupying the northern and eastern parts of the island, receives between. 1000 and 1900 mm of rain annually. There is an Intermediate Zone in the central highlands, which reach over 2000 m above sea level, and the south-western Wet Zone rainfall averages about 2500 mm. The Dry Zone and the coastal areas are hot, with annual average temperatures of 26-35°C; areas in the highlands have averages between 14 and 20°C.

KeywordsApis Cerana, Sri Lanka, Beekeeping
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