Beekeeping: leading agricultural change in New Zealand

publication date: Aug 27, 2010
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Bee World Vol.72 (2) 1991 pp.60-73
Article Title

Beekeeping: leading agricultural change in New Zealand


Andrew Matheson


Despite its small size and relative isolation from other countries, New Zealand has an active and progressive beekeeping industry which is a world leader in many areas. The industry is innovative, and has adapted to numerous changes in the past decade. This article describes beekeeping and the beekeeping industry in New Zealand, emphasizing those features of interest or use to other countries. The first part, in this issue, outlines bees and beekeeping methods used in New Zealand. The concluding part, in the next issue of Bee World, covers industry infrastructure, legislation and pests and diseases.

KeywordsBeekeeping, Agriculture, New Zealand
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