Beekeeping around the world - Apiculture in China

publication date: Sep 8, 2010
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Bee World Vol.71 (3) 1990 pp.104-106
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Beekeeping around the world - Apiculture in China




Beekeeping is a traditional occupation in China's vast rural areas and has a history of several thousand years. In 1987, the number of honeybee colonies was estimated to be 8.3 million, producing about 204 000 t of honey of which 166 000 t were produced commercially. Production in 1988 fell slightly due to dry spring weather, but production in 1989 was expected to exceed that of 1987 and 1988. Current estimates indicate an average national yield of 23 kg honey per colony.

KeywordsBeekeeping, honeybees, China, Apiculture
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