Beekeeping In South Korea

publication date: Jan 28, 2011
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Bee World Vol.70 (2) 1989 pp. 66-74
Article Title

Beekeeping In South Korea


Scott Camazine


In Korea, modern beekeeping with European Apis mellifera in Langstroth movableframe hives began in the early 1900s. By 1928, 16% of Korea's 170 000 honeybee colonies were A. mellifera and the rest the native bee Apis cerana. Today there are nearly three times as many colonies, but less than 30% are A. cerana. A. mellifera is more productive; nonetheless, A. cerana honey is greatly valued by the Koreans, and its price is up to four times that of A. mellifera honey. In addition, A. cerana is docile and if kept in traditional fixed-comb hives requires little management and practically no expense for equipment. As a result many small farmers, especially in the mountains, keep the native bee as a source of extra income.

KeywordsBeekeeping, South Korea, Apis mellifera, Apis cerana,
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