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publication date: Feb 23, 2012
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Bee World
Volume 91, Issue 2, 2014

The Thinking Beekeepers Journal of Choice

In this issue:

Editorial - Richard Jones
Honeybee Colony Marketing Practices In Werieleke District Of The Tigray Region, Ethiopia - Teweldemedhn Gebretinsae and Yayneshet Tefsay
BeeForce Australia Part I: Involving Urban Beekeepers In Surveillance Initiatives For The Early Detection Of Varroa Mites - Sabine T Perrone and Sam Malfroy
Bombus musaicus Or Bees On The Brain - Oliver Prŷs-Jones
Flying 2000 Miles With 2000 Honey Bees! - Alexandros Papachristoforou
Meliponiculture - Stingless Bee Beekeeping In Thailand - Bajaree Chuttong, Yaowaluk Chanbang and Michael Burgett
Bees And Beekeeping In Cambodia - Tomaž Oštir
Hierarchical Effects Of Local Attractants On Swarms Of Honeybees, Apis mellifera adonsonii Latreill, In South West, Nigeria -
K A Fasasi, S L O Malaka and G O Olatunde
Obituary -
Aykut Kence

Plus regular features:

The Appliance of Science - Honey Bee Genotypes And The Environment
Plants for Bees - Brankad: Adhatoda vasica Nees

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