Apis florea discovered in Africa

publication date: Mar 16, 2011
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Bee World Vol.68 (1) 1987 pp. 39-40
Article Title

Apis florea discovered in Africa


William G Lord And Siham Kamil Nagi


Apis florae, the 'little honeybee' is the smallest sized honeybee of the four Apis species. Its primary range is considered to be tropical and oriental and it has been found from Indonesia in the east, north to the Himalayan mountains, and west to Iran and Oman. It coincides over much of its range with Apis cerana and Apis dorsata, but extends further westward than either of these species, and not as far eastward. It is not clear whether the westward range of Apis florea and the eastward range of Apis mellifera overlap naturally. However, it is known that the eastward range of Apis mellifera has been greatly extended by movement by man.

KeywordsApis florea, honeybee, Africa
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