Apis Florea In Africa: Source of the founder population

publication date: Mar 8, 2011
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Bee World Vol.69 (2) 1988 pp. 100-103
Article Title

Apis Florea In Africa: Source of the founder population


Jacob Mogga And Friedrich Ruttner


In 1985 a colony of Apis florea was detected in a garden in a suburb of Khartoum, Sudan, not far from the airport. By January 1987 twenty additional colonies had been found, the most distant being 12 km from the original find'. The colonies were 'doing well and expanding', with nests of normal size (16 x 14 cm to 46 x 36 cm) with brood and honey stores (Fig. 1) and in one case, with numerous queen cells. Nesting sites were in bushes and trees of irrigated gardens, 0.4 to 8.0 m above ground) as described, for the previously known range of this species. The comb of one colony was laterally attached (0 the interior wall of an occupied, open-roofed house, a nesting site similar to one described from the coast of the Persian Gulf by Runner el al

KeywordsApis florea, Africa, founder popoulation
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