A note on Apis florea storing honey in drone cells

publication date: Sep 7, 2010
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Bee World Vol.71 (1) 1990 pp.33-34
Article Title

A note on Apis florea storing honey in drone cells


A G Soman


Apis florea colonies select shady nest sites, in trees or shrubs, and build their single combs on twigs or small branches so that the combs are only partially exposed to the sun. The colonies periodically migrate from place to place according to seasonal variations in forage availability, deserting old combs and rapidly building new ones at the new sites. The central portion of the comb consists of worker cells, while in strong colonies approaching the swarming stage drone cells are built below the worker cells, along the lower edge of the comb. The queen cells are usually built at the lower edges of the drone cells but may occasionally be attached to the worker cells, and number from one to six depending upon the size of the colony.

KeywordsApis florea, single combs, storing honey, drone cells
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