Preliminary programme

publication date: Jan 4, 2011
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 IBRA Varroa Conference      

Programme of topics and speakers.      

09.55           Welcome - Hans Kjaersgaard


10.00           Morning Session - Chairman Norman Carreck.

10.00           "Varroa Biology": Dr Stephen Martin.

10.40           "Varroa and viruses": Dr Joachim de Miranda.

11.20           Coffee

11.30           "Chemical control of Varroa": Dr Max Watkins.

12.10           "Integrated Pest Management in Varroa": Prof. Keith Delaplane.


12.50           Lunch


13.50           Afternoon Session - Chairman Dr Ivor Davis.

13.50           "Biological control of Varroa": Dr David Chandler, Dr Judy Pell.

14.30           "Breeding honey bees for Varroa tolerance": Norman Carreck.

15.10           Tea

15.20           "Varroa - the way forward": Dr Jochen Plugfelder.

16.00           Panel discussion.


16.30           Meeting Ends.