Provisional conference program

publication date: Dec 21, 2010
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Varroa conference

Provisional program.

The conference will start at 9.30 and delegates will be welcomed by IBRA chairman Hans Kjaersgaard.

The program will proceed in order of speakers and topics below, with a mid morning interval for tea and coffee, a mid day break for a light buffet lunch, and an afternoon interval for further tea and coffee.   

The conference is due to close at approximately 16.30.

Topics and Speakers 

  • "Varroa Biology"- Dr Stephen Martin - Universtiy of Sheffield.
  • "Varroa and viruses" Dr Joachim de Miranda (Queens University Belfast / Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala)
  • "Chemicl control of Varroa" - Dr Max Watkins (Vita (Europe)).
  • "Biological control of Varroa" -  Dr David Chandler, (Warwick HRI), Dr Judy Pell ( Rothamstead Reserach)
  • "Breeding honey bees for varroa tolerence - Norman Carreck (University of Sussex / IBRA)
  • "Varroa - the way forward" - Dr Jochen Plugfelder (Agroscope, Switzerland