Karl Showler

publication date: Oct 12, 2010
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Member of IBRA for 60 years, but not a founder member, currently Council Member, former member of staff as Eva Crane's administrative and technical officer and prior to that actively involved supporter of the association.

President of Bee Craft  Ltd.  Past President of the British Beekeeper's Association. In my final years on the national executive was particularly involved in its Spring Convention. Honorary member of a number of Beekeeping Associations including BBKA and Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association.

Partner with my late wife in B & K Books of Hay on Wye.

Regular contributor to the English language bee press in particular Bee World and Bee Craft.  Mainly on historical subjects relating to apiculture making use of my own extensive collection of bee related literature.

For a number of years  maintained observations on drone assemblies.

After army service and agricultural college worked  at the East Malling Research Station  in the Plant Physiology section until moving to IBRA in 1970.