2-Heptanone as a repellent for Apis cerana

publication date: Apr 28, 2010
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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 36 (3-4) pp.151-154
December 1997
Article Title

2-Heptanone as a repellent for Apis cerana


D G Naik; Sujata Katke; S S Chawda; Daisy Thomas

A bioassay of 2-heptanone was carried out on Apis cerana for the first time and its repellency is demonstrated. The repellent character of 2-heptanone increased up to a concentration of 75 µl/ml of liquid paraffin used in our tests, after which it remained constant.

Apis cerana, repellent, 2-heptanone, bioassay, mandibular gland pheromone

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