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publication date: Apr 26, 2010
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What does IBRA do? IBRA Logo

The International Bee Research Association (IBRA) was established in 1949 for the advancement of beekeeping science, as a not for profit organisation. It is unique and has one of the largest databases of scientific information on bees and bee related interests in the world.

As a UK registered charity, it is partly funded from the generosity of our members, supporters, and by donations or legacies.

IBRA is internationally recognised as the world’s single source and foremost provider of information on bees.  Its database and information services, including journals, teaching aides and publications, embrace not only familiar domesticated bee species managed by man for their beneficial products but also countless other bee species.

IBRA is run by a small team of dedicated staff in the UK and an international board of Trustees.

We collate and disseminate information on all bee species from the various research institutes and universities throughout the world.

In addition, we produce a varied and extensive selection of bee publications and educational resources:


If you are interested in publishing a bee related book, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
We supply information to beekeepers, scientists, researchers, extension workers, schools and organisations around the world.

We are proud owners of the IBRA / Eva Crane Library collection - one of the largest collections of books and journals in the world, covering all aspects of apiculture.

We attend and support conferences and bee conventions around the world. This provides an opportunity to distribute information and to meet our members.

If you would like to become a member please visit Join IBRA

IBRA has been operating for over 65 years. For a brief history of the organisation please visit our 60th Anniversary page.