Honey bee propolis: prospects in medicine

publication date: Feb 11, 2010
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Bee World Vol.77 (1) 1996 pp.8-15
Article Title

Honey bee propolis: prospects in medicine


Paul C Cheng And Geary Wong

AbstractModern physicians trained in allopathic medicine are usually wary of naturopathic remedies because the mechanisms of efficacy are usually unclear. Indeed, if one examines recipes from Chinese herbal medicine or some ‘home remedies,' the active ingredients are unknown. Also, demonstration of the effectiveness of the remedies often is not scientific (no use of placebos), and could be a result of psychological effects of the patient. However, modern allopathic doctors and researchers should not ignore potential benefits which natural products may provide in curing some of the most serious medical problems today.
Keywordshoney bee propolis, allopathic medicine
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