A framework for electronic trading of hive products

publication date: Sep 15, 2009
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Bee World  Vol. 81 (4) 2000 pp.  172 - 181
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A framework for electronic trading of hive products


Constantina I Costopoulou, Maria A Lambrou and Paschalis C Harizanis


Trade in honey faces high competition due to the high volume production and low prices offered by some countries. Honey production fluctuates year by year creating additional trading problems in the uniform provision of honey. Furthermore, the supply chain of hive products includes a number of importing and exporting activities among businesses worldwide. The Internet,
fuelled by the phenomenal popularity of the World Wide Web,represents an increasingly important channel for retail commerce as well as business-to-business transactions. However, it is already clear that Web-based electronic commerce systems are successful only if they offer better ways for trading than the traditional supply chain. Current systems present a number of shortcomings due to a lack in efficient electronic brokerage. The aim of this paper is to propose a framework for Web-based electronic commerce systems for hive products, supported by efficient electronic information brokerage. 

KeywordsElectronic Trading, Trading, Hive Products, Commerce