Stingless bee keeping in Australia: snapshot of an infant

publication date: Sep 15, 2009
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Bee World  Vol. 81 (3) 2000 pp.  116 - 125
Article Title

Stingless bee keeping in Australia: snapshot of an infant


Tim A Heard and Anne E Dollin


Results of this survey of the keeping of stingless bees in Australia in 1998/1999 showed that this new activity is growing rapidly. Responses came from over 250 stingless bee keepers with more than 1400 colonies. The industry is concentrated in coastal Queensland with Trigona carbonaria being the most common species kept. Rates of future colony increase expected by survey
participants (15-18% per annum) were low compared with
increases achieved by experienced beekeepers (30%), but both indicate that the industry could grow rapidly over the next two decades. Enjoyment, conservation, crop pollination (mainly macadamia nut), honey production and hive sales were the major reasons for keeping stingless bees.

KeywordsStingless Bees, Australia, Trigona carbonaria