JAR Issue 4 2008

publication date: Nov 13, 2008
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Journal of Apicultural Research


The fourth and last issue for 2008 of our star journal will be published in the first week of December. It is almost a victim of its own success and contains more papers than ever. This makes it astoundingly good value – there is truly nothing like it for anyone who wishes to publish and read the latest in bee science research.


This latest issue has 13 Original Research Articles including this:   


X-ray computerised microtomography: a new way of assessing internal and external morphology of bees.

Mark Greco and his colleagues have made remarkable progress with what is basically CT scanning for bees. It is dissection on an incredibly fine scale without any dissecting being done! Not only bees but also their nesting structures can be examined as never before. It is truly fascinating and totally ground breaking.


And 2 Review Articles including one from our senior editor:

Norman Carreck poses the provocative question: Are honey bees native to the British Isles? He then proceeds to give a very cogent rationale which should be essential reading to anyone, anywhere in the world, who is interested or involved with the on going debate of native versus exotic species.


Other Articles focus upon: 

Effects of cell size and Varroa reproduction

Methods of queen introduction

Wound healing potential of Welsh honey

Fungicidal potential of Iranian honey

Comparisons of pollen substitute diets

Autumn requeening

Fluvalinate and flumethrin levels in Varroa populations

Human management effects on bumble bee distribution in Japan

Transposition of honey bee embryos

Genetic profile of Varroa destructor

Beekeeping in the Falklands


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