A new pollinator initiative on the island of Ireland

publication date: Dec 1, 2004
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Journal NameBee World
Article TitleA new pollinator initiative on the island of Ireland
Author(s)Robert J Paxton, Tomas E Murray, Una Bradley and Mark J F Brown
Published Date12/1/2004
Pages83 to 84
AbstractIt is well recognized that bees are of immense importance to natural and agro-ecosystems for the pollination services they perform. Like most of the world’s biodiversity, bees are also increasingly under threat from a variety of causes, such as changes in land use, pesticides, habitat destruction, and invasive species (especially diseases), to name but a few. Credit must go to Buchmann & Nabham’s 1996 book The Forgotten Pollinators for raising awareness among politicians and the public of this major world problem and of the consequences of continued pollinator loss.
Keywordspollinators, Ireland, International Pollinator Initiative