Plants for bees: Faba bean

publication date: Sep 1, 2004
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Journal Name Bee World
Article Title Plants for bees: Faba bean
Author(s) William D J Kirk
Volume 85
Issue 3
Published Date 9/1/2004
Pages 60 to 62
Abstract The flowers produce much pollen and sometimes much nectar. They are particularly visited by long-tongued bumble bees. They are also visited by short-tongued bumble bees, honey bees and solitary bees. The extra-floral nectaries are mainly visited by honey bees. Honey: light to dark amber, with a mild flavour, granulates fairly quickly with a coarse grain. If honeydew is also collected from aphids on the plant, the honey is darker. On the right soil type and in the right weather conditions, honey yields can be high, but at other times there can be little or no honey.
Keywords forage for bees, nectar plants, pollen plants